Since 1992, CDL has delivered streamlined cardiology solutions to hospitals and private practices across the country.

Cardiology is a critical branch of medicine that manages preventable and treatable diseases affecting the heart and physicians aim to offer their patients the most advanced, accurate, and effective diagnostic treatment that technology has to offer. Unfortunately, the complexity and value of our best technology are the very reasons why many hospitals and clinics don’t have the funding or logistics to operate and maintain high-tech imaging equipment such as cardiac PET/CT MPI. To further complicate matters, these machines require radioactive isotopes that have short life spans and are produced on-site using equally expensive equipment.

All of these factors may deter otherwise fully-functional and capable facilities from performing the safest, most advanced, and accurate cardiology scans known to healthcare. When this occurs, it is the patient who pays the price. Conditions that we have the technology to see and diagnose may go undetected, leaving reputable and perceptive physicians unaware of life-threatening conditions that can leave loved ones without a family member.

For almost 30 years, CDL has been the industry innovator designing accessible cardiology solutions that place the most advanced cardiology equipment where it belongs – in the hands of physicians.

Today, we are currently the #1 provider of turnkey cardiac PET and PET/CT MPI in the United States. Our all-in-one and highly-mobile solutions cover the entire span of cardiac PET/CT operations from daily delivery of radioisotope to installation, operation, training, and support. Our unmatched flexibility and affordability are the resources that help physicians save lives. We will always strive to improve diagnostic capabilities across the country for those who count on us most – patients.

When you decide to partner with CDL, you became a member of our family. Our commitment to you is that from day one, we will deliver unparalleled support because anything less is not good enough. This commitment is how we’ve created such a large and loyal client following, and this promise will never change.

I can really trust CDL as a valued partner. In my world as a Healthcare Administrator,
I get inundated daily with companies looking to do business with the practice. It is challenging to find the right ones to partner with. CDL is one of the "right ones"
and I, and the practice, are better off because of it.

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