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Fixed and Mobile Nuclear Cardiology Solutions

CDL is here to help you maintain an efficient and affordable Nuclear Cardiology Lab by providing customized solutions that meet your needs. We have been able to secure nationwide partnership agreements with favorable pricing on radioisotopes. As a CDL client, you have access to competitively priced isotopes, supplies and services that can help control your lab expenses.

What We Provide

Quality SPECT services for nearly 30 years.

Time/Dose Reduction Software-UltraSPECT

  • The Xpress3 product line allows for a superior ½ dose and ½ time imaging protocol
  • Meets 2014 ASNC dose reduction guidelines
  • Marketability / increased efficiency / decreased cost

Radiopharmaceutical/Stress Pharmaceutical Distribution

  • Nationwide coverage area
  • No fuel surcharge fees
  • Distribute generic Sestamibi, Myoview, Thallium, Lexiscan, Adenosine, and Persantine at competitive prices

SPECT Imaging Equipment Service

Preventative on-site equipment maintenance. Inspection and service on equipment, including software updates. Telephone support available to provide operational guidance as well as clarification of functions and features.

Monitoring Badge Services

We provide quality occupational radiation monitoring (personnel dosimetry) services

Professional Staffing Services – Location Specific

We can help you staff your lab with quality, licensed certified personnel or manage your lab completely, handling all aspects as a new startup, including radioactive materials licensure, compliance, radiation safety, and management. LHS can provide you with temporary staffing of nuclear medicine technologists, registered nurses, paramedics, and advanced cardiac technicians. All are BCLS-certified and specially trained in nuclear cardiology.

Medical Physics Services

  • ACR testing of any SPECT camera for annual or renewals
  • Quarterly on-site audits
  • Film Badge services
  • Licensing for new or renewals
  • RSO services when applicable
  • Annual calibration of all radiology equipment