Our Story

Founded in 1992, CDL Nuclear Technologies is the end-to-end Cardiac PET and PET/CT solutions provider trusted by more cardiologists than any other in the United States.

For almost 30 years, CDL has been the industry innovator designing accessible cardiology solutions that place the most advanced cardiology equipment where it belongs – in the hands of physicians.

Today, we are currently the #1 provider of custom cardiac PET and PET/CT suite build-outs in the United States. Our business model is built on delivering the highest quality Cardiac PET and PET/CT equipment, service, and support to cardiology groups. CDL makes adopting Cardiac PET/CT possible by reducing barriers to entry.  Our economies of scale, industry relationships and broad national team of healthcare professionals make adopting Cardiac PET/CT affordable and hassle free.  From customized Cardiac PET and PET/CT suite builds in just 180 days (on average) to our flexible mobile rubidium programs, CDL is dedicated to partnering with cardiologists, equipment providers, and KOLs to make the best diagnostic care accessible for more cardiac patients everywhere. 

When you decide to partner with CDL, you became a member of our family. Our commitment to you is that from day one, we will deliver unparalleled support because anything less is not good enough. This commitment is how we’ve created such a large and loyal client following, and this promise will never change.