Independent Cardiology Practices

We offer a variety of services to support independent cardiologists in capturing additional revenue, reducing costs, reducing labor, and offering convenient in-house imaging solutions to patients

Just as patients require a practical solution to their medical needs, your cardiology office depends on an experienced and cutting-edge provider to make it all possible. For cardiologists, the benefits of establishing a Cardiac PET/CT program are often outweighed by the financial, technical, and logistical risks and challenges posed by providing the most advanced cardiac imaging technology at their facility.

From construction and placement to operation, reimbursement, equipment and supply delivery, training, staffing, maintenance, and patient satisfaction, there is so much to consider before beginning a Cardiac PET/CT program that it may start to feel like more trouble than it’s worth. However, when you consider the healthcare impact of advanced cardiac imaging technology, you start to place the inherent value of revolutionary treatment front-and-center while seeking a solution that aligns with your needs.

That’s where CDL comes in; our all-in-one PET/CT suite solutions and On-Demand mobile rubidium program come with little or no upfront cost. We are equipped with every essential resource to help you successfully implement, operate and maintain a Cardiac PET/CT program at your facility. Because of our financially realistic and practical approach to Cardiac imaging technology implementation, you can offer the best possible Cardiac treatment to your patients without disrupting your current practice workflow.  CDL will make implementing a Cardiac PET/CT program affordable and hassle free.