Mobile Cardiac
PET/CT Solutions

Delivered straight to your facility

Don’t let access to a scanner be a barrier to adopting Cardiac PET/CT. CDL now offers a Mobile Cardiac PET/CT Trailer making adopting Cardiac PET easy, affordable and low risk.

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State of the Art PET/CT System

  • Gated perfusion imaging
  • Evaluation of myocardial blood flow (CFR)
  • Rubidium 82 infusion system

Included with Our Mobile Trailer Services:

  • CDL radioactive material license with RSO & Physicist
  • Trailer staffing (Nuc Tech & Stress Tech)
  • EKG machine with stress protocol
  • Auto blood pressure machine
  • Reading station: ScImage with Cedars or 4 DM
  • Emergency equipment – AED, oxygen tank with delivery devices
  • Billing consultation
  • Ongoing clinical support

Trailer Placement and Site Needs:

Mobile Pad

  • Size needed: 43’ x 20’ with 15’ of unobstructed space left in front of trailer for A/C air flow


  • 3 Phase, 5 wire, WYE connection with neutral and ground with 480V
  • Russell-Stoll DS2504MP 480v receptacle
    (male connection)

Customer to Provide:

  • Physician/advanced clinician supervision (NP, PA)
  • Support staff to "move" patients
  • Physician reader
  • Crash cart
  • Stress pharmaceutical & associated equipment
  • EKG supplies – patches, razors, EKG prep
  • IV supplies
  • Accreditation

IT integration with PACS

Our IT experts will work with your staff to ensure that your mobile cardiac PET/CT imaging trailer is seamlessly integrated with your PACS system. This means that you can easily access and share patient images and data, which can help you to improve patient care and efficiency.

What’s Inside

  • Computer Servers
  • PET/CT Scanner
  • Control Room
  • Hotlab
  • Patient Prep Room
  • HVAC
  • Generator