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For some clinics, the provision of fixed or mobile nuclear cardiology imaging equipment and supplies may not be enough. CDL Nuclear gives your facility access to board-certified nuclear technologists, ACLS-certified cardiac stress technicians, full-time radiation safety officers, consulting medical physicists, billing specialists, and much more to help you operate a fully functional cardiac SPECT imaging system at your facility.

Nearly Three Decades of Excellence

After nearly 30 years of imaging excellence and over 1000 facilities served, CDL Nuclear still offers a patented approach to client and patient satisfaction that will always focus on quality over volume. With no upfront capital investment required and turnkey solutions designed for optimal convenience and cost-effective care, there is simply no better choice when upgrading your facility with state-of-the-art cardiac SPECT imaging equipment and services than CDL.

Nuclear Cardiology Solutions | Things to Know


Can physicians get reimbursed for in-office nuclear cardiac stress testing?
Yes, virtually all insurers routinely pay for in-office testing.
What is required for a physician to supervise a nuclear cardiac stress test?
A physician must have Advanced Cardiac Life Support training to supervise the treadmill portion of the procedure.
How much space is needed for the process?
The stress room should be at least 10' X 12' to accommodate all equipment, including the treadmill that always remains in place. The scan room should be at least 8' X 8' to accommodate the SPECT camera.
Does my site require licensure and accreditation?
Your site will be licensed under CDL's state or federal radioisotope license. CDL will obtain ACR accreditation for your facility.
What does the participating practice need to provide?
Once the site is set up to provide imaging, the practice orders the test and sends a copy of the schedule with patient information to CDL two days in advance of the scheduled day of imaging. On the day of testing, the physician supervises and interprets the treadmill portion of the procedure, which is typically twenty minutes.
What does CDL Nuclear Technologies provide?
CDL provides the equipment, supplies, staffing, and support necessary to perform a complete turnkey nuclear cardiac stress test in your facility.
How are images provided to the interpreting cardiologist or radiologist?
CDL electronically submits the data; the interpreting specialist routinely generates a report within 24 hours.
Is there a charge for a patient cancellation?
There is NO charge for canceled patients.
Who employs the Nuclear Technologist and Stress Technician?
CDL has responsibility for both the Nuclear Technologist and Stress Technician performing the test.
What does turnkey mean?
A turnkey nuclear cardiac stress lab project is one that is complete upon delivery, where your facility can open the doors and start seeing patients; everything is in place, and operations can begin immediately. CDL provides turnkey services for cardiac PET and PET/CT and SPECT; we'll help you out as much or as little as you need us.