Cardiac PET/CT Imaging

CDL Nuclear – PET/CT

Cardiac PET and PET/CT are considered one of the most accurate and reliable cardiac scanning technologies available to physicians. PET helps detect the invisible that so often goes undetected and delays diagnosis. We’re incredibly proud to be the nation’s largest and most trusted provider of all-in-one cardiac PET services. Our reputation comes with a responsibility to produce successful results – and you can count on CDL to deliver. We offer a proven process designed for success and with client participation and a smooth flow of communication, we aim to avoid delay and get you up and running as quickly as possible. Without the hassle of upfront costs, you can focus on a structured timeline that includes buildout, installation, training, and more. We make it easy for cardiology groups and imaging centers to offer the invaluable benefits of cardiac PET to patients.

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SPECT Stress Test

CDL Nuclear – SPECT

We offer a selection of services to meet the needs of physicians, imaging centers, correctional facilities, and hospitals to provide in-office nuclear cardiac imaging services to their patients. Our goal is to implement a solution that delivers the highest quality nuclear cardiac diagnostic experience in the most cost-effective manner possible. From available space to operating costs and technical expertise, there is much to consider when expanding or upgrading your facility’s nuclear cardiac SPECT imaging for the benefit of your patients.

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Nuclear Cardiac Imaging Lab Supplies and Services

Laurel Healthcare Solutions

The most comprehensive solution for nuclear lab services and equipment in the nation. LHS provides exclusive access to an extensive array of nuclear cardiology testing equipment and services, empowering independent SPECT labs to offer expanded services. Only with LHS do you get the lowest rates for the highest quality services and supplies nationwide, all with support from one central contact. We source isotopes, lab supplies, pharmaceuticals, equipment, equipment service, badges, sources, temporary staffing, and more to provide clients with substantial annual savings.

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Rubidium-82 Isotope Delivery for PET or PET/CT MPI


Are you searching for a low-risk, on-demand Rubidium-82 supply solution? CardioNavix is the only company in the nation equipped to safely deliver portable Rb-82 to your lab only as often as you need it. On your schedule, we’ll provide perfusion isotope to enhance your equipment’s efficiency. CardioNavix is the smart way to cut cardiac PET/CT MPI operation at a fraction of traditional costs. Now, no matter the size of your practice or cardiac volume, you can confidently perform in-house PET/CT MPI.

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Nuclear Cardiac Imaging

Coronary Flow Reserve

Implementation of Coronary Flow Reserve (CFR) is the subsequent step for cardiologists, underpinned by convincing data that cannot be ignored. We empower you to master and achieve CFR with confidence through this comprehensive add-on for cardiac PET MPI labs. Our expert physicians provide professional MBF training, which, combined with Coronary Flow Reserve (CFR) Quantification, may assist in ruling out Coronary Artery Disease. CFR exists to compare myocardial blood flow during both stress and rest, potentially predicting cardiovascular problems – even when “normal” regional myocardial perfusion imaging exists.

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