CDL Nuclear Removes all the Headaches and Risks Associated with Cardiac PET Programs

Eliminate up-front costs with a smart, low-risk business model without construction costs that allows you to focus on what matters most – your patients

Built around your needs with a flexible Rb-82 isotope program that offers scheduling choices to match your unique volume needs

Included in-house training for your existing nuclear technologists means there is no need to go through a lengthy, expensive hiring process

Boost your practice’s profits with PET/CT scans enhancing your revenue and a partner that implements risk management strategies to prevent and mitigate financial losses

Get started in as little as 4 months and stand out as the progressive cardiology practice with the latest technology to better serve your patients

Cardiac PET, PET/CT – the greatest accuracy of all stress testing



Your Practice Can Offer Cardiac PET Imaging

As a physician, you already know that cardiac MPI PET technology has a lot to offer. Higher-quality imaging, increased diagnostic accuracy, and improved profitability – all attractively wrapped up with lowered exposure to radiation and shorter procedural times.

The catch? Advanced technology like this comes with plenty of risks – and at great expense. As a businessperson, you’re also concerned with the health of your practice’s finances and profitability.

CDL Nuclear removes these barriers to make introducing a cardiac PET program to your practice a no-brainer – making it easy for you to offer your patients the best cardiac imaging service in your area.

More Than a Provider,
CDL Nuclear is Your Business Partner

Over the past three decades, CDL Nuclear has built a reputation as the nation’s leading partner for cardiology groups and imaging centers seeking hassle-free turnkey cardiac PET MPI solutions.

As your business partner, we’re dedicated to helping you to succeed – and we want to make this decision as easy as possible. CDL Nuclear’s all-in-one cardiac PET program makes it easy for your practice to start offering all the benefits of cardiac PET and PET/CT to your patients.

What We Offer

More than just a provider, we work closely with you, giving your practice the flexibility and tools that you need to grow – with the top-tier support and business development strategies that you need to thrive.

• Assessment and consultation
• Clinical training
• Dedicated project manager
• Cardiac PET, PET/CT expert support
• Customized marketing
• Operational support
• Planning and construction
• Billing assistance
• Accreditation processes
• Maintenance and repairs

The PET/CT Conversion Specialists

Are you considering a PET/CT system that would add enhancements to your current PET program?  CDL Nuclear Technologies is the largest and most trusted cardiac PET and PET/CT provider in the nation and can help you transition from your current cardiac PET program to an advanced PET/CT program seamlessly.

Our team is ready to convert your program to a PET/CT solution at little or no cost. CDL handles your transition, including assessments for practice viability, financial benefits, siting, and shielding. We provide construction oversite, training for your team and physicians, a dedicated project manager to oversee the conversion, and much more. Contact us today for a free consultation and references upon request.

Cardiac PET/CT – without added risk and cost to your facility