MedAxiom Webinar

Amazing Advancements: Cardiac PET Tech

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This webinar will focus on the clinical advantages of Cardiac PET imaging using Rubidium – 82 isotopes, as well as practical considerations for implementing daily Rubidium generators in the clinical setting. CDL CardioNavix experts will discuss the cost-saving benefits of Daily Rubidium use, making Cardiac PET imaging more accessible to patients.

By attending this webinar, participants will gain a better understanding of the latest advancements in Cardiac PET technology and how they improve patient care and outcomes. Participants will also learn about how to implement a Cardiac PET program that utilizes a daily-use Rubidium generator.

CDL CardioNavix is America’s only provider of on-demand Rubidium isotope for Cardiac PET & PET/CT. - bringing a Rubidium generator to your healthcare facility when you need it.



-Vasken Dilsizian, MD, MASNC, FACC, FAHA, FSNMMI, Chief of Nuclear Medicine, University of Maryland School of Medicine

-Don Elting, CRA, Director of Operations, Hackensack Radiology Group
-Brendon Loiselle, Chief Business Development Officer, CDL Nuclear Technologies