Why Everyone Should Have Access to Cardiac PET/CT Imaging

Currently, there are thousands of underutilized PET/CT scanners around the country. While many labs have sufficient patient volumes and experience to perform in-house cardiac PET MPI, the high costs of renting and maintaining the onsite generator outweigh the profitability of supplying these services.

As a result, many labs are unable to offer imaging services to their patients, even with onsite PET/CT equipment. World-class hospitals underutilize this equipment for cardiac imaging because of the commitment to a full-time Rb-82 generator.

At CardioNavix, we believe that your patients deserve access to convenient cardiac imaging services at your facility – especially if you already have a PET/CT scanner. Unfortunately, even expert cardiologists with the staff and patient volume to successfully perform cardiac imaging are reluctant to invest in imaging services due to generator costs, which leaves many labs without the funding to operate imaging equipment altogether.

We Have the Solution

Through our on-demand delivery of a portable Rubidium-82 generator and accompanying nuclear services, CardioNavix gives cardiology facilities everywhere quick access to PET/CT MPI when needed and on their schedule.

CardioNavix is more than qualified to safely deliver portable Rb-82 to your lab on a day-to-day basis. When you schedule a day of service, CardioNavix will provide perfusion isotope and render your equipment fully operational. When you no longer require the generator, CardioNavix immediately removes it and awaits your next request for on-demand delivery. This low-risk portable approach to Rubidium-82 supply effectively cuts cardiac PET/CT operation to a fraction of the cost, allowing even small practices with low cardiac volumes to perform in-house imaging.

The Cardiac PET Game Changer is Here

If you are a hospital or physician with a PET/CT scanner experiencing changes in capacity or utilization and perform or expect to perform between 8-80 PET myocardial perfusion imaging studies per month, you are a candidate for our portable Rb-82 program.

With cardiac PET/CT providing vast improvements to imaging results and patient health, every cardiology lab deserves to offer this cutting-edge technology. CardioNavix makes it all possible while adding advantage and value and to your practice.

Contact CardioNavix today to learn how you can increase efficiency and profitability with our on-demand Rb-82 solution.