Which cardiac PET program is right for me?

Usually, you’ll fall into a mix of the categories below.

You have the PET MPI capacity to justify a full-time generator
You don’t have the PET MPI capacity to justify a full-time generator
You have underutilized PET/CT equipment in your practice or hospital
You do not have PET/CT equipment or access to this equipment

If you have the PET MPI capacity to justify a full-time generator, CDL Nuclear’s all-in-one program will likely be a good fit for you.

If you have access to PET/CT equipment and expect to perform 8-80 PET MPI studies a month, CardioNavix will likely be a good fit for you.

Each healthcare facility is unique and does not always fit perfectly into one of the categories above. Our team takes the time to discuss your current cardiac program and helps you make intelligent decisions that best meet your requirements. We have a solution to suit your facility, including hybrid programs.

Our all-in-one, highly-mobile, and custom solutions cover the entire span of cardiac PET/CT operations from fixed and mobile radioisotope to installation, operation, training, and support. 

Cardiac PET/CT with CDL Nuclear Technologies

Our Programs Explained

CDL Nuclear | All-In-One Program

The guiding principle of the CDL PET MPI package is that we offer all of the necessary features for starting and running a new PET program, also called a turnkey service. You can step back until your cardiac PET suite is ready, where everything is in place, and services can start immediately upon completion.

 CardioNavix | As-Needed Program

If turnkey isn’t the right fit, consider the convenience of mobility. Did you know that we are the nation’s only portable Rubidium-82 radioisotope program? Our clients report that cardiac PET/CT imaging can only be achieved through the use of our services due to high generator costs without substantial imaging volume. Our service works like this – we supply the perfusion isotope you need, for the PET/CT you already have, on a schedule you choose, including weekends.

We work closely with physicians nationwide and are ready to work with you to help unlock the value of a cardiac PET/CT MPI program in your healthcare facility today.

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