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For almost 30 years, CDL has been designing accessible cardiology solutions that place the most advanced cardiology equipment where it belongs—in the hands of physicians. More than a provider, we’re a partner dedicated to the success of our customers.

With quality diagnostics and a dedicated team, we can get your customized cardiac PET/CT lab up and running quickly, efficiently, and affordably. We handle everything from practice assessments to construction oversite, removing the hassle, sticker
shock, and risk associated with cardiac PET programs.

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With advanced cardiac PET/CT diagnostics, not only will you have a progressive practice that stands out from the crowd in service of your patients, but you can also improve your practice’s health.

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We chose to add PET myocardial perfusion imaging to our noninvasive stress test service line based on the ASNC Position Statement recommending PET MPI as the preferred pharmacologic stress test.


CDL provided us with a operation to seamlessly incorporate PET myocardial perfusion imaging into our practice.

Colin Movsowitz, MD, FACC

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